ATS-rijplaten specialises in making surfaces safer and more stable. Our ATS road plates achieve precisely that. The road plates are available in plastic and steel. Are you wondering if ATS-rijplaten has the solution for your job? Read on!

Road plates for a stable surface

Our road plates distribute the weight evenly over a larger area. Road plates make soft or swampy ground passable for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles and even mobile cranes. They also protect fragile substrates such as grass.

ATS-rijplaten equipment is often used for jobs on construction sites and places where civil engineering works are carried out. But you will also find our road plates at festivals or exhibitions. Road plates are used for a variety of purposes.

Different road plate materials

ATS-rijplaten supplies two types of road plates: plastic road plates and steel road plates. The choice is determined by the type of surface, the service life of the road plates and the availability of resources to transport and store them.

Are you wondering which type of road plate best suits your needs? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be pleased to advise you!

ATS-rijplaten outrigger pads

As well as our high-quality road plates, we also supply outrigger pads. Outrigger pads are placed under the legs of aerial work platforms, trucks with loading cranes and mobile cranes. They prevent the legs from sinking into the ground and losing stability, compromising safety.

Properties of the outrigger pads

  • Small in size and lightweight, making them easy to move around.

  • High material strength.

  • The outrigger pads are not affected by hydraulic oil and diesel fuel.

  • Their high-level shape retention gives them a long lifespan.

  • Various sizes and thicknesses are available.

  • Available as round and square outrigger pads.

Free advice

Not sure which material you need? We are always pleased to provide advice – entirely free of obligation – so that you know what you need for a safe working environment for your upcoming job. Contact us by email or submit a callback request. We'll get straight back to you.

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